NCN Minor Safety Training Course

taught by Char Blair
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Char  Blair
Char Blair
Church Ministries Director

About the Instructor

Rev. Char Blair was appointed as the Director of Church Ministries in 2018 for the Northern California and Nevada District Assemblies of God. She has served at the District Office for twenty-one years in various capacities. She is an ordained minister and has served in several areas of the local church including: worship pastor, youth pastor, board member, Sunday school teacher, BGMC director, small group director and interim pastor. 

In 2005, Char started a non-profit ministry to reach young people who were struggling with their identity. Her ministry greatly impacted the NCN District. She continues to travel and speak nationally. 

NOTE: This class is taught by Nikki Rogers, former KIDMIN Director of the AGNCN District. She is to be credited with creating the MSTC. We are beyond grateful for her creativity and passion to see our kids safe and protected. 

Course Contents

11 Videos
11 Quizzes
9 Texts
24 PDFs
3.5 hrs

Course Curriculum

Course Summary